Temporary Work Visas

For businesses and foreign nationals seeking temporary employment in the U.S., we will advise you about the most effective visa options for your specific circumstances, be it securing a work visa based on a specialized occupation, visas for artists,  investors, or entrepreneurs. We will make sure that your documentation is complete and accurate and that your case is handled professionally , quickly and efficiently.

Deciding which of the temporary work permits to obtain is a function of many considerations, including the following:

  • How soon the prospective employee is needed;
  • The length of time the employer hopes to employ the employee;
  • Whether the employee has a university degree;
  • The salary being offered to the employee;
  • Whether the employee has been employed abroad by a related company;
  • Whether the employee is a national of Canada or Mexico;
  • Whether the employee is extraordinary in his or her field.
  • Whether the employee is a national of a treaty country.
  • Whether the employee has made a substantial investment in a business in the United States.
  • Whether the employee is employed by a company engaged in substantial trade with his or her country of nationality.

An analysis of the various non-immigrant work categories shows how the answers to these questions determine the choice of temporary work status.