Third Preference (EB-3)

Third Preference (EB-3): Professionals, Skilled Workers, and Other Workers

Skilled Workers, Professionals Holding Baccalaureate Degrees and Other Workers receive 28.6 percent of the yearly worldwide limit, plus any unused Employment First and Second Preference visas. All EB-3 applicants must have a job offer, and their employers must complete the labor certification process, except in applications for registered nurses and physical therapists. As with the second preference visa category, the third preference category has developed substantial backlogs, resulting in substantial times.
There are three subgroups within this category:

EB-3 Skilled Workers
Aliens may qualify if their employment requires a minimum of two (2) years of specific training or experience to qualify under this category.

EB-3 Professional Workers
A professional is an individual holds a baccalaureate degree and is a member of a specific profession. Experience under this subcategory cannot be used to substitute for a college/university degree or make up for missing years

EB-3 Other Workers
This subsection is for unskilled workers capable of filling positions requiring less than two years of training or experience.  There is a substantial backlog for individuals applying under the “Other Workers” subsection.