Visas For Entrepreneurs

Talented immigrants have made and continue to make crucial contributions to the development of next generation technologies and have founded some of the most innovative businesses in the United States. As global economic integration deepens, sustainable growth will depend in part on our continued ability to attract the best and brightest innovators. If you are starting a business, purchasing a business or looking to invest in another business, the US is a great place to start.

As the U.S. realizes the need to enhance the immigration options for entrepreneurs and investors, one of the focal points of the current immigration reform debate is centered around options for investors and entrepreneurs. However, already today, an investor or entrepreneur has various visas and options available.

A particular strength of our practice is assisting such individuals or companies in opening their businesses and or assisting international businesses in bringing their employees temporarily or permanently to the U.S.

If you or your company is opening an office in the U.S. or transferring an executive or specially trained employee to one that already exists, we have the experience you need and our office will review your business plans and operations to determine which visa option might be available and prepare all necessary applications, petitions and documentation to successfully apply for this visa category. Through our affiliates, we can also assist you with organizing and setting up your US business entity, negotiating for the purchase of a US company, and any other business transaction needs you may have.